Friday, October 21, 2005

"Peace in the Middle East"

The headline is a great zinger on the TV deal in today's Toronto Star, in which writer Chris Zelkovich also quotes The Curling News.

In fact, everybody seems to have an opinion on the "news" released yesterday (see this blog's Oct. 21 and Sept. 29 entries)... even the lowly Trail Daily Times out in B.C. Hey... it's not our fault their website is fried.

Other pundits weighing in include venerable Globe and Mail sports media guy William Houston, Ottawa Sun curling contributor Joe Pavia and media columnist Rob Brodie, and TCN/Calgary Herald correspondent Allen Cameron has a great piece quoting both TSN's Vic Rauter – who is obviously in a good mood these days – and TSN prez Phil King, who opines:

"We knew curling had a large, vocal, passionate audience because we carried it for 20 years and you hear from them from time to time. But what tends to happen with this kind of thing is that people speak up and loudly for a week or so, and then it dies out. But this one kept going for a year. Every time an event was on, the disappointment would ratchet up. Curling fans just didn't let it go."

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