Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday linkfest

Cool photo, eh?

Nice to see wheelchair athletes the focus of a fancy Olympic – er, Paralympic – photo shoot, compete with funky lighting and whatnot.

Believe it or not, these disabled athletes are best to handle long hours on ice with much standing – er, sitting – about as typified by a photo shoot... they're a bit more used to it than us able-bodies. But we digress.

• The able-bodied women's Brits, led by Rhona Martin, aren't worried about having too many skips on their Olympic squad. There's another feature here; a look at where Martin's 2002 golden girls are today; and did you know that almost half the BG Olympic Winter team is Scottish?

• Another "did you know"... that Manitoba curlers choose the seedings at their provincial championships? Seems the boys, ie. his fellow competitors, think Randy Dutiaume isn't quite where he wants to be coming in to the Safeway Select...

Team Kleibrink are now at the Strauss Canada Cup, along with Brad Gushue and others, and early-round draws can be viewed live via CurlTV. Finals are this weekend on CBC. Here's what the Kleibrinks had to say about Torino before they headed to Kamloops.

Ontario women are in full flight up in Fort Frances, and Saskatchewan starts tonight; there's a nice Team USA women's feature here; Grande Prairie's local blat is wondering about a higher power guiding the Alberta junior men to their victory; and an unsettling but important memory of Turin, distinctly non-sporting, and from a terrible era not easily forgotten by the locals...

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