Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Olympic Trials postscript

by Margo Weber

As I write this I can barely keep my eyes open. Immediately upon completion of this blogpost, I will put my kids into bed and fall into the sack myself.

What a week! I had a blast trying to come up with stuff to fill up your brains. I can’t wait for the Olympics. My girlfriends are discussing a girls trip out to Vancouver (oh my GAWD). We’ll see, I think my husband and kids are attention-starved right now. The good news is, there is NO curling this week to distract me.

Here's a final pic from my camera... in the midst of the Team Cheryl Bernard fan club, who dressed up to the nines in their black-and-whites.

Thanks to my editor, gk, for being pretty much unavailable and for making me want to gouge my eyeballs out. However, I did have fun and enjoyed hearing ‘What’s up Playah!?’ from my friends in the Patch.

Congrats to The Curling News on a fantastic new web site...  and don’t forget to check out the @curling Twitter feed (gk and I have a relationship eerily similar to John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston; he spends more time twittering than discussing curling with me.)

I also got a Facebook message from TCN yesterday; apparently there's a super subscription deal on, but only until the end of... tomorrow, as in December 15.

Subscribe before the end of the day and get three extra issues tacked onto your subscription, and if you happen to give a gift subscription, gk and co. will mail a special card to the recipient, in time for next week's holidays, naming you as the gift-giver. Not bad. So why not just give'r! Head to the website for the PayPal thing, or ring them at 1-800-605-CURL (or +1 905 887 1261).

Until next time... good couch curling!

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