Thursday, September 29, 2005

TSN is back... and CBC... and Sportsnet...

The news first appeared yesterday in a Toronto-based newspaper, which means the word had leaked directly from a major all-sports broadcasting office located ridiculously close to another major all-sports broadcasting office.

Of course, The Curling News had confirmed it a day or so earlier... but of course we do not publish until November, and we're still on vacation. Sort of.

And today, the Calgary Sun is reporting actual quotes from Canadian Curling Association honcho Dave Parkes regarding negotiations with CBC on the upcoming TV contract for Season of Champions coverage.

The point is what?

TSN is back. Yes, it's a done deal, and who knows why the news hasn't been shouted from the rooftops and spun madly out of Ottawa. Probably something to do with lawyers. But it's done. Agreement has been reached with CBC for final weekend coverage and the Mother Corp has in turn sold off weekday and weeknight – but not week-morn – coverage to The Sports Network. You wanted it, now you've got it, people.

It will be interesting to see how the broadcasters treat curling this season. Will the loss of exclusivity mean a lighter coverage effort by CBC... perhaps less online content? Perhaps no more Championship Curling DVD? Maybe the CBC On Demand crew will no longer throw old archived curling games and features onto their pay-per-view channel?

As for TSN, you can expect the Big Three of Rauter/Turnbull/Moore to be back behind the mics, and a solid presentation to appease the masses. But will those masses snap back when their live curling becomes pre-empted on Monday nights... and Wednesday nights?

One thing is for certain... the "other guys" are also back, with the fifth season of Grand Slam of Curling coverage debuting in early November. And with the actual Olympic Games scheduled for February, this means 2005-06 will definitely be a year of TV coverage to remember.

So relax, and just let each issue of The Curling News tell you what's on the tube, and when, and on which channel. It was a rocky road, but the sport's fanatical base of TV fans have made it to their destination. And not a moment too soon...

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Dean Gemmell said...

Through this whole debacle, the CCA has never mentioned anything about it on their site. Apparently, they fail to understand that transparency is the hallmark of today's successful companies and organizations. They don't have to get into actual prices, deals, etc., but to have zero about the situation on their site is asinine. But, of course, their whole negotiating style was fairly asinine.

Open, straightforward, clear. Can the CCA ever get there?