Thursday, January 26, 2006

Democracy in, um, action

Okay, first we have a federal election in Canada, and now this (photo). Here's the story on whatever that is about. Looks like a fun way to politick, however.

Some great shotmaking at the M&M Meat Shops Canadian Juniors, available on CurlTV and also on CBC this weekend. Also, live scoring can be seen here in realtime.

More curling profiles and previews, courtesy of the quadrennial Olympic Games: Sun Media's venerable George Gross gives a history lesson; the Chinese are obviously siding with the Scots' 1924 Olympic challenge, although they seem to call curling a "race"; a nice feature on the two U.S. teams, plus another on Team Gushue; and a fun on-ice story from America here.

In hard news, Team Ferbey's David Nedohin will be with his team at the Canada Cup after all; his father's surgery has been postponed and he can now make the trip west... Doug Riach won the MCA Bonspiel's Grand Aggregate title, and a provincial berth, last night... Edmonton's Cathy King is 2-0 at her provincial STOH but has joined the Swiss fashion trend, which you can check out here... and finally, Anne Merklinger is hanging up her broom, following April's climactic Players' Championship in Calgary. She had a great on-ice career, and if we can ever pry her out of the boat, perhaps she'll lend her talents to curling's boardroom in the future...?

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