Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Curling News: April issue

LOWELL, MA – Welcome to the Worlds. For our initial thoughts, check out our guest Blogblat on CurlingZone's host event Blogpage.

The World Curling Fed had their elections today, and fresh new blood has been instilled at the top rungs: Canada's Les Harrison is the new President, Scotland's Kate Caithness is the new VP, and 1998 Olympic champion skip Patrick Huerlimann of Switzerland was elected to the Board on the first ballot. There are other rookies on the board as well, but we at TCN are big fans of those three. Great things could be afoot for our sport moving forward.

For the latest and greatest in the world of print, check out the final issue of the 2005-06 season (cover photo), available by subscription now. In this new April issue:

Sverige! Anette Norberg completes the troika;
Al Cameron on the Parti Gras Brier;
• Al Cameron – again! – on the last Scott Tournament of Hearts;
Larry Wood's busy scratchpad on this amazing 2005-06 season;
Shot Tracker: yet another new statistics system rocks curling fans;
Doug Maxwell wraps it up until November: TCN's 50th year!
Adam Daifallah on the reverberations of Quebec's shocking Brier win;
Blogspot: TCN was there for Quebec's big party night;
Players' Championship: $250,000 up for grabs in Calgary;
Mary-Anne Arsenault: behind-the-scenes of the Colleen Jones team split;
Matt Hames on crazy curling border crossings;
Jill Officer on "hiking" up Mount Everest;
• TCN's Torino Insiders: not one but TWO behind-the-scenes spies tell all about the 2006 Olympic Games (the second is online at The Curling News homepage);
• TCN TV Guide for April: where to find your TV curling fix!

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