Friday, June 09, 2006

CTRS deadline September 30

First of all, here's a look at the newest member of Team Gushue (see previous post), Chris Schille (photo). Someone send the lad a T-shirt, willya?

Secondly: earlier this week we mentioned July 1 as a deadline for teams to register with the CCA if they, and we quote: "want to compete in Canada’s next Olympic Trials for 2010? Er... want to try, anyway?"

We should clarify: this is to register your squad to collect CTRS points as one way of – hopefully – qualifying for the Trials. Oh, and the deadline isn't July 1, it's actually September 30.

That's also the deadline for events, as well... so cashspiel organizers, go ahead and submit your tournament for CTRS consideration. It's free, so what're you waiting for? Eh?

Finally, some stuff for your weekend absorption...

• Remember those Swedish heavy-metal curling wannabees? Well, Hammerfall are at it again, this time shooting a video with other Swedish athletes...

• More U.S. open houses going on this weekend, in Brainerd, Minn. on Saturday. Kind of odd Brainerd has been going so loco for curling as of late, as their Minnesota location means they aren't exactly rookies to the sport...

• Looks like Canada's The Sports Network – currently embroiled in a footy frenzy, as are we – are regular readers of this blog!

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