Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Curling Tour: online for 06/07

The World Curling Tour website now shows a schedule for both the 2006-07 men's and women's event season, plus an online registry for competitors.

Teams and events have both been clamouring for this information: so there it is! Update your daytimers! Book flights! Reserve the beer kegs!

Er... that last one is for the event host clubs and committees. Naturally.


• Remember last night’s meeting (see the previous day’s Blogpost) in Moose Jaw? The farce continues, in some shape or fashion...

• Utica, NY will play host to the 2007 US national championships...

• Remember Dave Parkes? The head honcho of the Canadian Curling Association ventured on to The Curling Show recently for 22 minutes of podcast Q & A...

• Remember Mike Harris? Ontario Olympian, Brier skip and CBC talking head now living in Alberta and claiming he won’t be curling this fall? Well, he’s back, and Calgary’s Al Cameron has the scoop (subscription-only)...

Skip: Mike Harris
Third: ex-Winnipegger Garth Smith
Second: Jim Bush, brother of Cathy King lead Tracy Bush
Lead: Bob Genoway

Calgary Premier Super League and Alberta Kia Cup playdowns only.

(Mike Harris) I wanted to stay on the ice, for sure. I'll be playing mixed with my wife as well, so I'll be on the ice a couple times a week, but no bonspiels. It's hard to expect to be competitive if you're not doing the work. You know what? If we make provincials, I'm looking at it as a great year. That's the way I'm looking at it. It's a relative thing, I suppose. I'm hoping everybody's going to be good, and I'm sure they're hoping I'm going to play well.

(Garth Smith) The fit is really good. We've got young families, we've got work commitments. There's always that balance of wanting to curl competitive because you're still in your quote-unquote prime.

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