Friday, January 26, 2007

Big Curling Weekend

It's a big one indeed, but these two clowns (Johnny Mo and Benny Heebz, in photo) are having a ball. They're with Team Kevin Martin, of course, competing at Winnipeg's BDO Canadian Open Grand Slam right now (Sunday on CBC-TV). Thanks to the immortal CurlingZone for the foto.

Speaking of slamming, word has it that a couple of new sponsors are about to be announced for the Asham World Curling Tour's major series. One of them, apparently, adds a fourth women's Slam to the event family, and just might be hosted down east and labelled the "Sobeys Slam". But that's just a rumour. Of course.

Where's Dean? He might be in Winnipeg, or not, but The Curling Show is reaching out and touching the Slammers wherever they go. Dean just grabbed Pat Simmons for the latest installment.

And then, of course, there's the pile of provincial Scotties finishing this weekend; links to those websites on this here blog just to cap it off. Whew.

Stay tuned...

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