Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Farewell Avonlea: May 5

It’s been more than a few months, but the tragedy of Toronto’s biggest curling club closure will finally be remembered – and its legacy properly honoured – this coming Saturday night.

Avonlea and the Toronto curling community, you see, not only had their heart ripped out... they had been utterly ripped off in the process. T’was bad enough the club owners sold the facility last August; but there was no advance warning to the many hundreds of off people who called Avonlea home for up to 50+ years.

Sometime in mid-summer they received word they had just two weeks to clear out all stored equipment, decorations and trophies prior an imminent change of ownership. Emotions among the curlers were running high and the pressure was on to find places to play, so the priority was to find homes for the masses, including scores at rental leagues... not to mourn.

As publicized in the April issue of The Curling News, the official Avonlea Farewell Party will be held at the old club – now an indoor soccer facility – at 101 Railside Road in Don Mills.

There are prizes, an auction, food and also appearances by legends such as The Wrench, plus the usual suspect members of the Toronto Curling Mafia. For a closer look at the poster, click here.

Organizer Mary Phoenix tells TCN that she “sought advice from an old Scottish curling club for some traditions that would help us properly close a club... they advised that we start with the bar full and end with the bar empty, and we will attempt to do just that!”

Last we heard, the $20 tickets were going fast with the club darn near close to capacity, so hurry up and send an email to: avonleafinalparty@hotmail.com to get in on the party of the summer!

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fogducker4 said...

Alas, the club curling malaise is rampant. The Brier will soon be a contest of the grandslammers vs. the club curlers. In other words, no contest and a lack of "provincial" feel as teams go cross Canada to pick up players.