Friday, June 08, 2007

40-degree curling

40 degrees (with humidity) celsius in big, bad Toronto today and who would think there’s curling goin’ on, all for a great cause and with some serious celebrity names to boot.

Of course, there is lots of golf underway for the celebs and sponsors, at some great courses like this one, and this one, plus this one, and of course this one.

There has already been one pub night, which saw world champ Craig Savill challenged by some unknown guy to a 40-yard sprint outside along Eglinton Avenue. We kid you not.

Savill won, like any A-carded national athlete should.

Drop on by the Canlan Ice Sports Centre for a gander this weekend, and/or make a donation here.

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nortonlgn said...

Summer Curling is actually getting quite popular in the USA.

Up here in the great white north, people want to get outdoors for maybe two good months of summer weather.

Down in places like Texas, where its usually 110 degrees in the shade, summer curling offers a cool diversion.

I would not want to see the clubs air conditioning bill however :)

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