Thursday, January 24, 2008

Inside Retro Curling

So, our good friend Al Cameron scooped us with a photo of Team Kevin Koe at the Masters of Curling in Saskatoon. We had the photo earlier on but had an, er, extended lunch.

So now we have another photo – courtesy of Anil Mungal, above – and also the inside story. But of course.

Blake MacDonald got the sweaters from... e-Bay! Apparently someone in Edmonton put them up for sale online, quite some time ago. The seller was parting with four in total and, luckily for Team Koe, the sweaters fit perfectly. What are the odds?

But the full uniform was incomplete, until recently. Now there are patterned pants, finally, to complete the ensemble.

“It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a while,” said Koe.

“We got the sweaters last summer off e-Bay but we had trouble finding the pants. We like the fact that our uniforms are a little different than what you would normally see out there. So far we’ve gotten a lot of compliments from both the fans and the other teams. Everybody thinks they look sharp.”

So do we.

Team Randy Ferbey started the retro look, of course, about three years ago with their annual off-season promotional piece. The lads not only boasted sweaters and pants, but wide-brimmed hats on equally-wide straw brooms.

You can see more of this vintage look in the upcoming February issue of The Curling News... and not only from Team Koe.

We’ll take you way, way back in time – to a small town in Alberta – for an exclusive, never-before-told tale of of the early years of one of Canada’s biggest curling legends.

You won’t want to miss it.

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