Monday, May 26, 2008

Olympic Curling Victory

Test the Nation: Sports, introduced in last Thursday’s posting, was a success for CBC-TV last night, and a particular success for the five curlers who were a part of Team Olympic (and Paralympic) Medallists.

Victory! Nothing less than gold for the Olympians!

Here’s Brad Gushue (photo) with the trophy. The Goosh was also the focus of a question, regarding the terminology for a “burned rock”, that was introduced via video by Colleen Jones.

Amy Nixon, from Team Shannon Kleibrink, also got some face time when host Ron Maclean announced she was the top scorer for the Olympians/Paralympians squad. Amy also graciously supplied the photo, above.

There was one other curling question: what is the name of the “modified drinking hole” at curling events? Answer: the Patch, of course.

Full results:

• 1st: Olympic Medallists with 74.2%. Coached by Victoria Pratt.
• 2nd: Refs & Umps with 73.7%. Coached by Paul Coffey (tied as top scoring celebrity).
• 3rd: Sportscasters with 73.2%. Coached by Alan Thicke.
• 4th: Armchair Athletes with 72.9%. Coached by Debra DiGiovanni.
• 5th: Cheerleaders & Mascots with 57.1%. Coached by Brian Bailey.
• 6th: Team Extreme with 55.4%. Coached by Chris Murphy (tied as top scoring celebrity).

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