Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vote Samurai: final day

Looks like there’s just one more day – Tuesday – in which to vote for the Samurai Curling T-shirt design (above).

When we first informed the masses of the chance for this super tee, 410 people had cast their vote and 24 had commented. Now, 956 have voted – with 39 comments – and while the response is great we are really down to the wire.

This all sounds good but we need more to really impress the judges. Only 10 or so designs get chosen every couple of weeks, and that’s out of some 300 entries. A quick look at other designs on the Threadless.com site indicates lots of strong competition.

So please help: register at the site here and then cast your 5 out-of 5 vote here for the Samurai Curling design. Don’t forget to indicate that you’d be willing to buy – you will not be held to any committment – and please make an über-positive comment.

Hurry hard!

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