Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brazil curling has begun


Stunning news from the World Curling Federation tonight, as Brazil has officially challenged the United States for the second “Americas” berth at the 2009 Ford Worlds in Moncton.

Brazil has been a WCF member for a decade now, and they are finally taking the big step forward with a challenge... which means the U.S. will host the best-of-five series somewhere (to be determined) and sometime in January.

Canadians will be surprised to hear that the athletes are all students in Quebec, and train at Lennoxville. Or perhaps that is not so surprising?

As the newser states, Canada and the U.S. are the only two nations to ever represent the “Americas” zone. But the team which finished lowest (of the two) in any previous worlds has always been open to a challenge from any other member. And this challenge has never happened... until now.

Uau! E a invasão brasileira dos olympics começou!

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