Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stampeder Curling

What a ripoff.

The scene: Canadian Football League action on holiday Monday. The Calgary Stampeders are thumping the Saskatchewan Roughriders and TSN’s live feed inexplicably crashes early in the fourth quarter. The usual gang of suit-clad mouthpieces cut in, of course, to discuss various statistical whatnots around the table as attempts are made to reconnect to the live action.

When they do, another Calgary touchdown has occurred and scorer Nik Lewis seems to have tossed something (above). The camera stays close on him as he watches and then starts celebrating. The slo-mo replay doesn’t include any of the previous.

The previous was in fact Lewis throwing the football like a curling stone, which his teammates then started “sweeping”.

Ace TCN and Calgary Herald scribe Al Cameron was there, as were his rivals at the Calgary Sun and Cameron, for one, has declared this end-zone celebration to be simply the best ever.

We agree: it sends quite a message to Winnipeg that “Duck-Duck-Goose” just ain’t gonna cut it.

So, apart from a screen capture from TSN’s belated, missed-the-boat coverage (available here, at 13:12 of the fourth quarter) we have ZERO photo and video evidence of the greatest CFL scoring celebration of all time. We even have the CFL’s media department hunting for some images, but they’ve drawn a blank so far.

Our last hope is for some intrepid CFL fans, on site at the game, who might have captured this on video, on film, via a mobile phone pic, whatever. Please drop us a line via Comments below, or via our website, if you have the evidence.

Meanwhile, CFL legend Milt Stegall – a Blue Bomber, wouldn’t you know – has gone completely loco. For no apparent reason, he spoke major league heresy against both hockey and curling, two fo the most Canadian sporting ways of life. What the...?

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