Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stewart Cinks it, Tweets it

So the Tiger failed to tame the famed Ailsa Craig... in fact, he never made it to Saturday of the British Open golf championship.

Neither did Tom Watson, who walks in the shadow of the curling Craig in this Guardian photo by Tom Jenkins (above). This, of course, to the dismay of virtually every golf fan around the world who awaited the fairytale ending.

Stewart Cink is the champion, and he became the first man ever to Twitter a photo of himself and the claret jug after the victory. How about that.

The photo posting is here, with Cink’s Twitter page here.

Last but not least, there could have been even more famous photos taken of pro golfers and the Ailsa Craig... if not for the clothing company which plastered its logo on the sail of a large boat that cruised along the Firth of Clyde behind the ninth tee down to the 11th tee.

As Golf.com reported:

It’s hard to miss it, and that’s a problem for photographers, however, because that stretch is among the most popular for pictures. Along with the cliffside beauty, they often capture the image of players with the Ailsa Craig and Turnberry Lighthouse – sometimes both – in the background.

“Why would I want a photo of that?” one photographer said, packing up his gear and looking for a better spot.

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