Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holland takes Schmirler; Oslo measure

Barely five months after being named Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Curing Association, Regina’s Amber Holland scored a big on-ice win at the Sandra Schmirler Charity Classic.

Holland beat out 2007 world champion Kelly Scott of Kelowna 6-3 in the finale, claiming she kept things “simple” during an 8-0 undefeated run.

As for the pic above... what’s that all about?

Sunday we told you of Oskar Eriksson’s upset victory at the Oslo Cup, and predicted a team blog update on Monday. Team Eriksson did not disappoint, and posted a huge dissertation of their playoff run along with a headline we suggested – perhaps they read The Curling News Blog?

The screen capture shows the very end of the game: a thrilling, last-stone measurement for the championship win. It could have gone either way, but hometown hero Thomas Ulsrud got another silver and the young guns came away with the big prize.


Glen said...

Amber Holland's win in Regina is significant. Even more so was Rachel Homan's win in Ontario. Either of these teams could provide some serious upsets at the Olympic Trials.

Most significant of all was Brad Gushue's win in the Shorty Jenkins Classic. This team has won three big spiels in a row and won by the Shorty by beating Glen Howard in the semis and Kevin Martin in the final. Gushue was quite strong at last year's Brier but seems to have upped things a notch this year. Might they actually go on to successfully defend their Olympic gold medal?

TCN said...

Gushue is definitely turning heads early this season.

The squad also defeated Edmonton's Kevin Koe in the Shorty quarterfinals, making that a sweep of three impressive playoff opponents.