Wednesday, December 09, 2009

No picks! No idea!

by Margo Weber

So... I didn’t make picks, aka predictions, at the beginning of the week. And I’m getting all these emails from people asking me: why not?

In short... because I didn’t fricking know! And still don't.

This thing is a crapshoot, and I don't envy anyone who puts their picks into the public forum: just as Jim Armstrong, Sherry Middaugh, Mike Harris and Mary Anne Arsenault did for The Curling News.

I had said in an email earlier in the week that I had good feelings about Kevin Martin and Jeff Stoughton. And on the women’s side... Shannon Kleibrink and Jennifer Jones. Seriously obvious picks so... why bother, right?

And I’m not sure why anyone cares what a self-professed couch curler thinks about the field... but I do tend to shed light on who I WANT to win; so here goes.

On the women’s side... I would love to see my girl Susan O’Connor from Team Cheryl Bernard in Vancouver. And Sasha Carter? Haha, her hilarious hairstyles would totally fit in with the international crowd... although Team Kelly Scott is now in big trouble at 1-4.

I like Team Jones... they have dominated the past few years, although they've been all over the place the last month, winning spiels but then failing to qualify. Their current 2-3 record leaves them in trouble, too.  I also like the Kleibrink/Amy Nixon combo and think they might be our best chance at gold, drawing on their previous experiences in Italy in ’06. And Team Stefanie Lawton seems sooooo nice!

So for the women... for me, it’s a draw.

The men? I’d love a new face to win it all. I didn’t go bold and choose Kevin Koe to win (like my friend Al Cameron did for TCN and the Calgary Herald), but I would love that! Young team, would look good for the sport. How about Randy Ferbey? That would be fun! I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but what a comeback that would be!

I'm not into the Martin thing... and as of right now I don’t think it will happen. There seems to be two Kevin Martin zones. The ‘I can do anything’ zone... and the ‘I can complain about exterior factors and let them bother me’ zone. Kevin is in the second zone. So until this changes, he ain’t gonna win.

I’ve covered Alberta... I suppose there are others... like Glenn Howard. And I’d be totally cool with the white belts going to Vancouver.

Those are my two cents. I guess I’m saying I don’t know.  But that’s okay... someone is going to win anyway.

(CCA photo of Jacquie Armstrong, left, and Sasha Carter by Michael Burns)

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