Friday, December 11, 2009

Not a fashion show?

by Margo Weber

EDMONTON – There comes a time when we have to put the actual curling skills aside, and state the obvious.

As we have mentioned before, this is not a fashion show... but at these 2009 Roar of the Rings Olympic Trials, it seems the women in particular have been preparing in a big way.

There’s the TV time. There’s the big crowds. Let us ponder, for one moment, what it would cost to come and look your best while competing at such an event. A few hundred dollars, in some cases?

I’m pretty sure some entire teams got makeovers within the last week or two. There’s some serious French manicures out there. There is not one natural strand of hair in sight when the women take the ice (except perhaps on Amber Holland).

But they’re looking good! As a whole, this sport has come a long way. Gone are the days of Cathy King’s huge plastic earrings. Good job, ladies. And good on Mondetta for the attire the players are sporting. I’d say the outfits are flattering on most.

Let’s talk about the earrings. I think Kelly Scott has more piercings in her little ears than my entire six person family. Kim Schneider, from Holland’s squad (CCA photo by Michael Burns) has some seriously huge hearts dangling from her lobes.

Regarding the hair. I’ve been waiting for some of the skips to tie back their hair a bit, I got it Wednesday morning when both Crystal Webster and Cheryl Bernard ponytailed it up. Previous to that, I was thinking about leaving a little bag of ponytails behind each sheet.

I realize that although most skips don’t partake in sweeping duties... I think it’s their duty as players... possible future Olympic athletes... to look like convince people that this is indeed a sport. Maybe we could start with a bobby pin or two... just put the frickin’ hair back so you can see where you’re going!

I’ll leave the men alone... for now. I see no harm in the crazy white belts the Glenn Howard team insists on wearing. As for the hair, I do applaud the Kevin Koes and Jonathan Meads for not fighting with nature and just shaving it all off. Nice work, boys.


Anonymous said...

what are you talking about- the just vanquished Amber Holland. As I am reading your blog she is on the tv as we speak. Although I hope McCarville vanquishes her in a few hours.

Anonymous said...

There's certainly no "harm" in those matching white belts and white spats that the Howard team wears to help create their team identity. But if they get to the Olympics, wouldn't this Disco-era fashion be a national sartorial embarrassment? Not that I think for a moment that the CCA should tell the Howard crew how to dress. But, gee guys, think of how the rest of us will feel when you're doing your John Travolta act on an international stage.

Glenda M. said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous. I'm going to take a minute to stick up for myself and mention that the word 'vanquished' got added in editing and was not my word. Um, yeah... I'm watching the curling. I know she was still in it, haha. As soon as I read it I emailed to get the word removed...but with the new website up and running it took awhile.
Thanks for reading!