Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is where it gets fun

by Margo Weber

EDMONTON – Okay, so with one round robin game left, this is how it shakes down today on the women’s side.

Cheryl Bernard has a bye to the final by virtue of her 6-0 record. Shannon Kleibrink has a bye to the semi.

This is where it gets fun. Amber Holland, Krista McCarville and Stephanie Lawton are all at 3-3. They all play different teams and if they all LOSE – they bring in Crystal Webster and possibly Jennifer Jones, both at 2-4… Webster in this scenario would win her game, and Jones would then have to win hers as well in order to be included in the mix. 

Let me paint the picture for you. This is very unlikely.

You see with all three of the 3-3 teams needing to lose in order for this scenario to work, Lawton needs to beat the wrecking ball that is Cheryl Bernard. Then Holland has to lose to Kelly Scott, and McCarville has to lose to Webster. Then we are looking at tiebreakers. 

And if Jones beats Kleibrink that then brings them into the mix too. So Jennifer Jones has to hope for every single sheet to go her way in order to have a chance at some tiebreakers and the Olympic Winter Games.

So we will watch here at 1:00pm and see what happens. The Bernard and Kleibrink squads likely have no interest in showing any mercy, so it should be fun to see the other teams scramble for what is still technically possible. The only team out of contention at this point is Kelly Scott.

I would like to take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief at not making predictions this week. And I shall point out that on this here TCN blog,  Mary Anne Arsenault picked Kelly Scott to win… and Cheryl Bernard to come in last. 

This is how close this field is.

[CCA photo of Jennifer Jones by Michael Burns]


Anonymous said...

Mary-Ann's picks were of her own opinion. Going into the event, I dont think many of her picks were wrong. But that is an opinion and that is why curling is played on ice. The fact that you keep stabbing at Mary-Ann's picks every second you get is starting to get boring.

TCN said...

What stabbing?

Weber has mentioned that mrnn made Trials picks only once previously, mentioning her along with the other TCN 'experts' but not commenting on those picks until now...

Unknown said...

I was just wondering why Shannon has a bye to the semis, since it is possiblle for her, Lawton, Mccarville and Holland all to finish tied for 2nd at 4-3.

Wouldn't that set up a simple 2 game tie-breaker to decide the semi?

But if Shannon is being given 2nd place due to her sweeping the other 3, this sets up teams having to play 2 tiebreaks just to meet her in the semis.

Seems unfair.

Unknown said...

As you saw, all 3 teams that were 3-3 DID win.

I still don't get why Kleibrink wouldn't be in the tie-break if she loses (its the 11th end now)....

Unknown said...

Moot point, shannon just edged out Jen for 5th win
But I'd really like to know what the rule was that put shannon above the other 4-3 teams. I'm suspecting it was that she swept all 3 others ,and that it was for the 2nd spot not third.


hooper said...

Kleibrink beat Lawton (draw 11), McCarville (draw 7), and Holland (draw 5). That gave her the head-to-head tiebreak over everybody, had it been an issue.

Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Thanks hooper,

But that only gave her the tie-break lead for seeding purposes. I knew about the sweep, I mentionned that earlier.

In the worlds or brier/scotties, if 4 teams are tied for the last 2 playoff spots, all four teams play each other for those 2 spots, regardless of head to head. The seeding is used only to determine the pairings for the tiebreak.

Seems like an overly generous position to give 1 of 4 teams that finish tied for secons a breeze to the semi, when other tied teams would have to play 1 or even 2 games to get there.

I'll follow up with the CCA....

hooper said...

Ah. I misunderstood the question then. Could it be a time constraint, perhaps? Was the fear of a brier-like drawdown that it might extend the Roar another day? IIRC, they're in the stadium for the Oilers; perhaps they couldn't take too much longer with hockey season in progress.

(And take everything I say with a grain of salt. I follow curling as best as I can, but a lot of the fine details don't make it down here to Tennessee.)