Sunday, December 09, 2007


by Matt Hames

RAMA – Five skins were stolen in the first game.

We wondered about the whole last rock thing before this even started.

So we think it’s interesting that five of the skins in the first game were earned by steals. But that stat may not be quite realistic... there were some picks in some of those ends.

In his post-game interview, Glenn Howard said that he thinks the ice might be a little straighter for this evening’s game. After the first end, we agree. It’s not yet finishing as hard as it did in the early draw. But that could just be because it feels a lot colder in here. As the fans settle in, and things heat up in here, we think we’ll see some finish.

Either way, we favour KMart in this final. We do like the aggressiveness of the Gushue rink – they seem to like to play for the big shot. That comes either from Brad or from his longtime third, Mark Nichols. They’ll need one such shot each end to match the Martin team, we opine.

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