Friday, December 23, 2005

January 2006 issue

Some quick pre-holiday news follows, but first: the January issue of The Curling News is in the mail.

It features:

• a great piece from Larry Wood on the Canadian Olympic Trials, the champions and the also-rans, including brilliant action photography from TCN's Ted Richards and others;

• a delightful column from Doug Maxwell on same;

Mike Haggerty's first report of the year, direct from Germany's European Championships;

Matt Hames' first column of the season from his Living In America perch;

• a tale of a four-generation curling team;

Mark Spector's fan-tastic "confession" of curling fandom;

• the new monthly TV Guide feature;

Jill Officer's Olympic Journey 101 has finally come to a rollicking close, and she takes us through the five stages of The Grieving Process;

• Curling's Amazing Race;

Heather Rankin's stunning victory in court over the Alberta Curling Federation;

Blue Rodeo does the Brier Parti Gras;

• a special look at Lowell's upcoming men's Worldfest;

• the TCN/CBC 30% off deal on the DVD is now held over through January;

• and still more Newfie aftermaths, with a besieged Toronto Sun writer flying off to The Rock to take his lumps, and a special TCN message from the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Danny Williams.

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TCN will take a much-needed holiday break for a few days, so to set you off on your Merry way, here's a quick smorgasbord of curling tales and results to click on:

• Aftermatch pieces here and here on yesterday's UK Olympic selections, not to forget the chatroom opining, and even a TV interview here;

• Provincial playdowns are underway across Canada – Stefanie Lawton is looking to regroup in Sask, Manitoba's women are off and running to Thompson, and Ontario's men and women are also done with zone play, with some big teams having close calls in the B-side;

• and finally, Hilton Hotels is a new sponsor of US Curling: wonder what Paris would say?
"That's hot."

Merry Ho Ho everyone!

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