Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jones vs. Jones

We're here.

First sight on the media bench is good old Harry, longtime lead player for The Wrench and a columnist for Sweep! Magazine. Last time Neil Harrison was at the Trials, in 1997, his squad turned back the clock all the way to the semi-final, before Kevin Martin detonated his arsenal of high-powered takeouts to slide into the final.

Just in time to see Colleen Jones defeat Jennifer Jones (photo), who also falls to 3-4. That's on the outside looking in, as Sherry Middaugh, Jan Betker and Shannon Kleibrink are all at 4-3, behind leaders Stefanie Lawton and Kelly Scott.

More later.


Dean Gemmell said...

Great to get entries from the event. Dispatches from the front lines – sort of feels like new media acting old school.

Not sure because I'm not there, but it must be a lot less fun to be playing out the string at this event than at a Brier. Somehow it seems like it would be tougher to find solace in the Patch.

Tell Neil Harrison I'd like to have him on The Curling Show sometime.

irisheyes said...

Does Ryan's lose to Ferby mean that he woun't make it to a tie breaker final????