Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jones vs. Jones

We're here.

First sight on the media bench is good old Harry, longtime lead player for The Wrench and a columnist for Sweep! Magazine. Last time Neil Harrison was at the Trials, in 1997, his squad turned back the clock all the way to the semi-final, before Kevin Martin detonated his arsenal of high-powered takeouts to slide into the final.

Just in time to see Colleen Jones defeat Jennifer Jones (photo), who also falls to 3-4. That's on the outside looking in, as Sherry Middaugh, Jan Betker and Shannon Kleibrink are all at 4-3, behind leaders Stefanie Lawton and Kelly Scott.

More later.

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Dean Gemmell said...

Great to get entries from the event. Dispatches from the front lines – sort of feels like new media acting old school.

Not sure because I'm not there, but it must be a lot less fun to be playing out the string at this event than at a Brier. Somehow it seems like it would be tougher to find solace in the Patch.

Tell Neil Harrison I'd like to have him on The Curling Show sometime.