Friday, May 19, 2006

Run Gordy, run

40-year-old Minnesotan Gordy Savela (photo) is off and running, today through May 31, on a 340-mile one-man marathon... with a curling broom in his hand.

No, we're not kidding. Read all about it here, and here, and as of this morning, here.

Does Gordy have a cause? You bet: to promote junior curling, and encourage youths to embrace a more active lifestyle. The Itasca club member from Grand Rapids, Minnesota says:

I think curling is a great way for young people to get some physical activity and have a lot of fun.... the broom should differentiate me from all the other joggers out there. It should serve as a conversation starter for when I'm sitting on a park bench or in a coffee shop somewhere. I really want to use this run as a chance to get people talking about curling.

Here's two sites that are also promoting/sponsoring his run. Best of luck to Gordy from The Curling News!

• Still with the USA, the sun-drenched SoCal club has a new logo and website, and this eager group also has two of three open houses already under their belts (the third runs tomorrow in Escondido)... meanwhile, not too far away, curling is also set to make a splash in Vacaville, CA...

Sad news this week out of British Columbia, which now reaches into the sport of curling: one of the four miners killed in tiny Kimberley was a very busy curler and coach; stories here and here...

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