Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wing Ding rings it in

Congrats to Team Kristy Jenion of Winterpeg (photo, left to right: Raunora Westcott, Jenion, Lisa Roy and Leslie "Chesty LaRue" Wilson) on the success of last Saturday's unique fundraising idea: a wing night at Hooters, complete with a big silent auction table and a putting contest with a BBQ as top prize. A good time was reported and the news is thus presented here, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood TCN Blog.

TCN readers will recall a Newsdesk spotlight on Lisa Roy and her valiant comeback from nearly losing an eye in a shocking highway incident (December 2005 issue, Vol. 49 Number 2). Obviously, her squad's second straight provincial runner-up appearance in 2006 means that Roy is on track to continue regaining optimum vision, and we join thousands of others in wishing her well on this continuing road.

Nova Scotia curling recently held their second annual Celebration of Excellence luncheon, emceed by former Colleen Jones lead Nancy Delahunt, which saw presentations made to 20 provincial championship teams including four national bronze medallists and one national gold medallist. The big news was the creation of an NS Hall of Fame, which will (finally) honour contributors across the spectrum of athlete, coach, volunteer and/or builder. Unsurprisingly, the first winners were Team Colleen Jones, but there was an impressive list of other winners as well...

Here's a cool story about some Ottaweans making the long trek to Winnipeg for the May 7 Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame ceremonies; this year's inductees were listed in the March issue of The Curling News, but here's an online link...

Did you know: the Canadian Curling Association is applying for a federal charity rebate? According to this newsbyte, it's got some other Ottaweans up in arms...

Here's a B.C. story on one of wheelchair paralympic skip Chris Daw's teammates, Gary Cormack. Also in the story is mention of a growing fundraising/awareness tournament called Wheels On Ice. Great stuff; wonder if they've told SFAC Curling about it...?

Finally, ex-Kevin Martin second Carter Rycroft spoke to Monday’s Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune, and he has a team for next year... but isn't talking. Yet.

Said the 28-year-old Rycroft:

(The phone) has been ringing pretty steady. So there are no lack of options, but I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to do.

We had a great run. We won a silver medal together. As far as events go, no one won more events than us in that stretch. We won seven (World Curling Tour) events in a row and I think the next closest is four. Seven tour events in a row is a record that probably will never be broken. We had the money record for one year's earnings.

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