Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Roethlisberger goes curling

Okay, so NFL quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger has had some problems lately.

Things were so much easier – and fun – a month ago, when he tried curling (photo) for the first time.

This was during a trip to Switzerland, where he and family members checked out their ancestral history. Ben's team, the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, even sent a photographer along for the ride.

Oddly enough, yesterday's Detroit Free Press had a comment on curling's eye-popping future TV plans – links are here and here, for those still stuck under a rock – and when the very next Freep item mentioned Ben's woes, TCN honcho George Karrys pointed out this continuing curling theme... which the newspaper acknowledged today.

Speaking of the TV deal, some naysayers are starting to crop up in online forums. Even hockey bloggers have opinions, too. But the loudest voice so far has been InTheHack's Mike Potter, who is interpreting the stunning deal as an admission of failure by the Canadian Curling Association:

The CCA essentially has admitted that it has no plans to grow the sport and that the experiment with (CBC) was a complete disaster. Its now time for the CCA to also admit that it's lost touch with the curling fans, and show some real leadership... let's get rid of Dave Parkes and the CCA Board members, institute a proper Board of Directors (not *only* people who have been curling volunteers) and move this sport forward.



• Winnipeg police have laid arson charges in last week's shameful torching of the Thistle club, and the accused's mom is proclaiming her son's innocence...

• Last weekend's open house in Vacaville, CA got some good press...

• Ex-Martinite Carter Rycroft is on The Curling Show hotseat, and there are rumours of an imminent appearance by Canadian Paralympic gold medal skip Chris Daw...

• Seven UK curlers will receive much-needed funding in the post-Torino 2006 era...

• And, uh, guys, shouldn’t the webcam be turned off for a couple of months, or at least until the arena floor gets rented for a wedding or something?

Just asking.


Spinoza said...

To be fair to the St. Paul Curling Club, they had a "Spring League" that ran until the beginning of June. So their ice has only been out for a couple of weeks.

Dean Gemmell said...

Just one question. Where is the cave that Big Ben seems to curling in?