Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Curling News: November issue

The November 2007 issue of The Curling News is out, and you can either take your chances on grabbing one at your local club – we don’t send many club copies out, BTW – or you can subscribe.

If you subscribe, you get it at least a week before the clubs, and via first-class mail in a polybag, so there you go. Whichever option you choose, enjoy.

FYI, this here blog complements the print edition: there is stuff in each issue that you won’t find us covering online. So again, there you go.

Inside this month:

Larry Wood on the burned rock, Slam questions, eight ends becoming nine, and why is the CCA not in Calgary?

Jill Officer on the new Colleen Jones

• The Dominion Club Corner: the Howards honour a special club volunteer

• Facebook: a look at 1,000 curling groups online at once (this story is also available on our website, as a “web special”)

Teri Lake provides a five-step curling survival program

• A full spring, summer and fall calendar wrap-up

Doug Maxwell, RIP and revisited: Corn brooms, blisters, raw hands and long nights

• TCN Newsdesk on the Casino Rama Skins, the Swiss Curling Tour, the Toronto 2009 mega-event and The Weakerthans speak

Rodger Schmidt would have stolen a towel in Edmonton, but would never commit theft in Aomori

• The JVC Curling TV Guide (but of course!)

Al Cameron has some free advice for CCA gunslinger Greg Stremlaw

• And more!

Speaking of “and more” ...

• And speaking of Facebook, have you checked out The Curling News Facebook Group? Lots of special stuff there, too. You need to be a Facebook user, and you’ll want to go here to find us. We’ve got almost 500 members so far; are you in, or what?

• Regina’s Leader-Post has a great headline piece today, and they also like our support of the burgeoning Movember movement. Kudos and thanks, Murray ...

Here’s a peek at the Strongest new women’s team on The Rock ...

• Aussie Aussie Aussie! Curl Curl Curl! ...

• Here’s yet another Korbel news story ...

• Some Québec stuff today, located here and also here ...

• Finally, we continue to marvel at how things can change. Just six years ago years ago, curling was nearly torn apart by the athlete/CCA strife. Finger-pointing and media jabbering abounded and a wedge was also driven between the new “Grand Slammers” – led by Kevin Martin – and a distinct minority, led by Randy Ferbey.

Guy Hemmings, you may or may not recall, was caught in the middle, with both “sides” lobbying furiously for his support. He eventually chose the CCA side of things – and his “Rockin’ The House Tour” was born.

Now, everybody – and we mean everybody – is celebrating his imminent reception of the Asham World Curling Tour Ambassador Award, which will take place during “Guy Hemmings Day” at the BDO Canadian Open in Quebec City on December 1.

And, lo and behold, the CCA itself has posted the WCT news release. With the WCF president offering comment, no less.

That sound you hear? It’s the winds of (positive) change, continuing to sweep on by...

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