Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Game On, Cap One

TORONTO – Kevin Albrecht went first, introduced by CBC emcee Scott Russell.

The man named by the Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s most influential people in Canadian sports, who introduced his former company IMG to the sport, and built the Grand Slam concept (causing years of consternation in Ottawa) introduced and welcomed Capital One to the curling family.

First, however, he told the assembled media that in his nine years of affiliation with the sport, he has never met nor worked with a better group of athletes – curlers.

Next up, Ian Cunningham, the COO of Capital One. His new Capital One GS jacket, he noted, “fits perfectly”, as does his company’s aim at the winter sport market. He also thought it was quite cool that curlers “call their own fouls”. Game on!

Paul Boutilier spoke next, the perenially enthused chief of the World Curling Players’ Association setting a land-speed record by keeping his podium time to approximately three minutes. Wow!

Then, the athletes – KMart, Jennifer Jones and Dave Nedohin – with their platitudes and gratitudes. Martin repeated his long-held mantra that it is all about “the best versus the best”, which is certainly the GS intention.

Three curlers on the ice for the photo-ops (shooters include TCN’s own Anil Mungal)... geez Jennifer, watch those high heels!

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