Monday, February 11, 2008

Reality TV curling show?

So... we have most of a Brier field set. Glenn and Gushue are back. Bob Ursel won an extra-end measurement thriller out in Lotusland. Shawn Adams got rocked by the old guys from Bridgewater. Eric Harnden (no, not his brother Al) is in from northern Ontario, along with his two sons.

Quebec, Alberta, The Territories, New Brunswick and Manitoba are in action this week.

We also know Canada’s junior reps – and Scotland’s, as well – as Ostersund creeps ever closer.

The American Wheelies came home to a hero’s welcome, as their world bronze marked their first trip to the podium. Norway defeated Korea for their second straight world crown, while Canada finished fourth.

But the big news of the day comes again from the United States. The reality TV craze has hit the roaring game, and Rockstar Curling just might eventually make it onto NBC-TV. And with Olympic curling connotations, no less.

The possibilities, as outlined by the Toronto Star, are located here.

Jon Bon Jovi – 1980s poodle-hair photo, above – as a host? Could be interesting... but we think Flavour Flav might be worth a look.

A reminder... tune in tomorrow for a special announcement. We’ll try to go live at 6:00am ET (yawn) with the news, as it happens ...

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