Friday, February 01, 2008

Ultimate curling auction

Ebay is hosting a very special curling auction.

A former world champion has placed some of his priceless memorabilia on the online auction website, courtesy of a friend named drawmaster, and the clock is ticking to get in on the action.

It’s all to benefit the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, which collects donations to fund projects at neonatal facilities across Canada. That’s right... all proceeds to charity.

As of the time of this blogpost, you had two days and eight hours left to bid on a competitor pin from the 1996 Ford Worlds in Hamilton; three days and seven-plus hours to try for a championship medal from the 1983 Worlds in Regina – that’s the right, the winner’s medal – and six days and five hours to grab a very cool montage of “Silver World” celebrations from that year, featuring the likeness of 17 legendary champions and 24 pins mounted within the frame... currently bidding at just under CDN $500.

The image above is a winner’s trophy from the 1984 Ontario Labatt Tankard, aka the provincial men’s championship.

Other stuff includes pins from the the 1970 MacDonalds Brier and 1965 Canadian Schoolboy Championship, and a bronze medal from the 1987 Olympic Curling Trials (then known as the Labatt National Curling Trials).

And there’s more to come.

Curling historians, journalists or just about anyone half-adept with an internet connection will no doubt be able to guess the team(s) from which this curler hails... or perhaps not? Regardless, he prefers to validate the items at his discretion post-purchase, to the winners.

A great opportunity for a great cause... and now your basement can look like a curling shrine. Click away!


• The 2008 World Wheelchair Curling Championships start Saturday in Sursee, Switzerland ...

• The 2008 M&M Meat Shops Canadian Juniors begin Sunday in Sault Ste. Marie ...

• The 2008 Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Championships begin Monday in Ottawa, with Guy Hemmings kicking things off on Sunday. Competition wraps up on Feb. 8 at the Ottawa Curling Club ...

• Have you been to The Pod lately? They’ve Cast their net far and wide with recent chatting from Sherry Middaugh, the Ferb, Simmons third man Jeff Sharp and ’Toba yout Mike McEwan ...

• Watch this space on Sunday for a post on the February issue of The Curling News, which is out right now, and additional curling events upcoming as early as Monday ...

• And finally, did you know that we at The Curling News just love family names from Canada’s prairies? We love seeing them on paper or the computer screen, and trying to pronounce them... even if we know darned well how to pronounce them. But most of the time, we don’t.

Sounds kind of odd, but we are in the business of words... eh?

Take Eugene Hritzuk, who is currently 4-0 at the Sask Senior provincials. We’re quite used to seeing his name, a good ol’ Ukranian moniker.

He’s got opponents named Weppler, and Bohlken... interesting names, but nothing really eye-popping. Randy Graham seems downright boring (sorry, Randy).

Then we come to an opponent named Wendell Charbonneua, who hails from Wadena.

Wendell Charbonneua.

That is so... awesome.

Almost as awesome as Kenny Quewezance, who scored two goals for the Regina Vipers Special Olympics floor hockey team yesterday.

Charbonneua. Quewezance. We love the prairies!

What are some of the best curling “names” you’ve ever heard?

We’ll start off with an actual front-end pair for Sask at the Brier a few years ago... Wyatt Buck and Dallas Duce.

We’re serious ...

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