Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nutmeg fantasy camp

The only American fantasy curling camp in 2008 still has room for participants.

The Hot Shots Fantasy Curling Camp is coming down from Canada to the Nutmeg Curling Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut in just under four weeks. The dates are Oct. 24-26 and the “campers” receive world-class curling instruction with a celebrity angle.

Click on the above graphic to increase the size, and contact Jennifer Stannard at 203-329-7625 for all the details.

We also hear that the 2009 slate of Hot Shots camps will take place in Ontario’s Oakville (August) and Ottawa (September) followed by the Utica CC (October) down in the States. Confirmations will appear on the Hot Shots website at the end of this month.

But for now, we suggest you go nuts at the Nutmeg!


JH said...

The area code for CT is 203 not 303.

TCN said...

Thanks Jeff... typo fixed!