Friday, January 02, 2009

The Curling News: January 2009 issue

Happy New Year to one and all.

The January 2009 issue of The Curling News is in the mail and should be arriving any day now.

And as we draw closer and closer to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, we think you should definitely become a subscriber.

We will be using this blog to highlight some of the content non-subscribers have been missing over the past months, just to illustrate how neither one – blog and print edition – can really work without the other.

You need both. One is free, the other costs just 35-odd bucks a year. That’s all.

So subscribe today, and you’ll get stuff like this, every month, first in line ...

• Is Scotland’s David Murdoch the Neo of curling? Regardless, Canadians should be wary;
• European Championships report from O’vik;
Larry Wood asks if today’s curling ice is actually too good to be true;
John Morris dons the gloves and Jennifer Jones goes sailing in new CCA ticket drives;
• The Dominion Club Corner looks at curling liners – the Easy Sheet – as a real option for your curling club;
Matt Hames, new American citizen, is back on the curling ice;
Wayne Middaugh robs Brad Gushue at The National, Larouche on fire and Gushue/Lawton lead Capital One Cup standings;
They Said It: our monthly look at quotable quotes includes Walchuk, Lang, Jones, Murdoch, The Ferb, Johnny Mo, Howard (both of them) and even a CurlingZone chatter;
Kimberly Tuck dishes on the Canadian Mixed in Iqaluit;
The Curling News Book Blowout: there’s still time to grab one of five awesome classic curling titles from our vaults;
Rodger Schmidt exposes the crazy world of Swiss curling, Olympic-style;
• The Other Kevin Martin – no, not the Old Bear, but a Guinness World Record breaker;
• Martin on the haunting of Lloydminster, the Calgary Brier and his disdain for the Hall of Fame... Johnny Mo doesn’t feel like an outsider any more... Swift Current grabs the 2010 Ford Worlds, and more!

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