Friday, July 10, 2009

We salute: Doug Brown

Just a quickie for a beautiful Friday, here in this curling off-season. We freely admit that it’s the classic photo (above) which caught our posting interest, but this is also an interesting story about one of our curling’s often-secret treasures... the volunteer.

But come on, fellah... give us a smile!

The image was shot last month by Bruce Hain for Ontario’s Innisfil Journal. And as the story goes, the subject of the photo – longtime curling booster Doug Brown – was recently honoured for a lengthy curling volunteer career that could be labelled... ironic.

“I didn’t want to curl, but my dad talked me into it,” Brown recalled.

LOL! One wonders how many curling supporters got their start like Doug... not necessarily on fire with the curling spirit?

“I got involved looking after things because I lived so close,” Doug said. “I ended up on the executive board.”

LOL again!

And of course we’re chuckling at Doug’s “ice halo”, which is actually protective. Apparently.

“Doug has a habit of falling and splitting his head on the ice,” said his wife, Daureen. “Five times in five years. The guys bought him an ‘ice halo’ to wear around his head.”

This may be why Doug is not smiling in the picture.

Regardless of appearances, it says here that Doug Brown has done an outstanding job for the Cookstown curling community... and this is a well-shared opinion, judging by the more than 100 people who attended Brown’s appreciation night.

Way to go, Doug Brown. To echo the words of your peers, and on behalf of curlers and curling fans everywhere, we thank you. And you certainly don’t have to smile you don’t want to!

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