Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grey Power World Cup: The Preamble

by Matt Hames

MISSISSAUGA – So here we are, in the wild west of the Greater Toronto Area, for Act III. I'll be your live blogger for what is the third year in a row that Glenn Howard takes on Kevin Koe in the final of the World Cup of Curling.

Here are some stats that I'm sure CBC will mention:

1. It's the third year in a row that these two teams are playing in the World Cup final. Howard has won the last 2. But that was when the event was called the Masters of Curling. Now that it's called the World Cup, will Koe win? (We'll take your predictions in comments, but I'll throw out Howard winning 6-5.)

2. Head to head since 2006, they've played 6 times. Koe is 1-5.

3. Yesterday we watched Gushue beat Martin on CBC. My wife, a reluctant curling fan, opined the following: "Aren't people tired of Kevin Martin and Brad Gushue? Don't they always play each other?" Well, I responded, they're kind of the best. If you had of made the bet that it was Koe v Howard in the final, you weren't really going out on a limb. These guys can play. It's up to the rest of curling to catch Howard, Martin, Koe and Gushue.

4. If Howard wins, the team will tie Wayne Middaugh for second place on the all-time Capital One Grand Slam list.

5. If Koe wins, it will be his first Grand Slam win.

6. This is Team Koe's sixth Grand Slam final. See #5 for his record in finals.

7. Liverpool beat Manchester United today 2-0. I tell you that because there's a nice argument to be made that Liverpool is Koe and Man U are Howard. I won't make the argument. I'll also be updating West Ham Arsenal (Arsenal lead 1-0).

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Enjoy the game.

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