Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another dance: SWE vs USA

A year ago in Scotland, Sweden's Anette Norberg decimated the USA's Cassie Johnson to win her first – and long overdue – world title. Sunday the two nations will boogie again, as Norberg meets the USA's Debbie McCormick (photo), the 2003 world champion, in the final of the 2006 Ford Worlds.

Norberg breezed through McCormick in Friday's Page 1/2 game, and did same during the round-robin. The Americans will definitely be in tough against this Swedish machine, also the 2006 Olympic champions. Who, believe it or not, are not even throwing practice rocks today... the gals say they're tired. Who can blame them?

McCormick drew for the winning deuce this afternoon to beat Canada's Kelly Scott 8-7 in the semi-final. The see-saw affair will be remembered for some bizarro strategy calls – the Canadians have been driving critics bonkers all week, and today was no exception – while the Yanks got away with a stunning boo-boo early in the 10th.

So, no Canada (woe Canada) in tomorrow's finale – only the seventh time in 26-odd women's worlds the Canucks have lost the semi (plus three other times losing earlier) – which is televised live on CBC-TV at 12:30 ET. Too bad... the Kelowna gals were just starting to have fun.

Hey, did you know The Seniors is on? Neither did we. No offense, it's just been a looooong season....

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