Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sverige caps stunning season

We’re on deadline today for the last issue of The Curling News – the April edition – so there’s not much time to spare on today’s Blogpost.

If you watched the outstanding Ford World women’s final from boomtown Grande Prairie, either live or on CBC, you saw the Old Barn – home to two Briers and two world championships – refuse to fall; you saw a snippet of Hammerfall (and company) and you also saw one hell of a world championship final, featuring the two best teamssorry Kelly – going at it in a point-scoring slugfest.

Links to various stories of Anette Norberg's remarkable triple for Sweden – European, Olympic and World championship gold – are 1) all 2) over 3) the web, and let's not forget the great showing from the U.S. team skipped by Debbie McCormick. Their 10-9 loss was very nearly an upset victory.

As for Canada's Kelly Scott, she simply says that Until you're here, until you're playing in this atmosphere, you have no idea. People can say or think what they want, but as long as we're happy, that's all we care about.

• Curling will become an official CIS sport next year, but this year’s informal Canadian University Championships saw the winners get some cool stuff: funding, training and a trip to Italy for the World University games. How cool is that?

• Did you know: that the Ferbs are up for a Canadian Sport Award? And that they’ll be in Toronto on Friday?

• Did you know: that Brad Gushue will be in Halifax this weekend with RBC and VANOC?

• Only two major events left before we break out the golf clubs... next up is the Men's Worlds in Massachusets. The Lowell Sun submitted about 20 media accreditations the other day (deadline was March 1, but that’s another matter) and curling delirium has officially started... and, of course, they'll root-root-root for the home team...

• Hey... is curling starting to catch on in Quebec? Maybe... this news is only a month old, but hey, it's a start... sigh...

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