Friday, March 17, 2006


REGINA – Three posts in one day... BOOYAH!

Ontario is now one game away from confirming double-Howard domination in this year of Our Lord, 2006.

Glenn Howard, 9-6 winner over Quebec in the Page 1/2 game:

I can honestly say I've never had so much fun curling. It's not because I'm skipping, I don't know what it is. We're having a ball out there, I'm personally focussed but we're just having fun. I have no idea what it is. Whatever happens happens... maybe we can finish this thing off on Sunday.

The vanquished Jean-Michel Menard, fourth-place a year ago in Edmonton and now up to bat in Saturday's semi versus the streaking Mark Dacey of Halifax:

Glenn played a pretty good game. As a team we were outplayed in the first five ends, but in the final five ends it was pretty equal.
We'll be ready (tomorrow).

In addition: a Gushue story, as promised... some text on Dacey's eviction of Alberta earlier today... a story on the new Trials system... Sweden's golden gals are not taking Grande Prairie for granted... and the Brits are pumped for Paralympic gold...

Off to the Purple Heart Lounge... the Patch is apparently packed and doors are closed for a while!

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