Friday, October 26, 2007

Goodbye New York

ROCKEFELLER PLAZA, NYC – We’re outta here, folks.

The Korbel Challenge was indeed moved up to the AM, as the rain is now picking up in the late afternoon. Good call, producers. Hope this didn’t mess up The Chicks, though it probably did.

Here’s a photo taken by a Plainfield CC member after the taping wrapped up this morning.

There was another hit during the morning Today Show, too, which you can see right now on the show website (look for “Curling on the Rockefeller rink”) ... hey, that looks like Maria Menounos... it is! It was! But I shan’t comment further, as I think the sport could have been presented in a better light. Don’t you?

What’s the takeaway? Not really sure, to be honest... we’ll just have to tune in Dec. 23 on NBC to find out. I’m still trying to figure out how Al Roker got shipped to Scranton on a day when he could have been learning how to curl.

Thanks, TCN... it’s been a blast...

Dean Gemmell
The Curling Show

(No, thank you Dean... take a bow [see May 04] – Ed.)

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