Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On The Rocks

There’s a new blog in this here curling town, pardner, and we know the author very, very well.

Al Cameron has been the ace curling scribe for the Calgary Herald for quite a while now, and he is also a valuable member of the editorial staff of this here omnipresent curling operation, better known as The Curling News.

Now the Herald has AC on blogduty, starting with this past weekend’s opening Grand Slam of the women’s season, held right there in Cowtown.

It is already (and will continue to be) a darned fine read, so be sure you bookmark it. If you don’t you can be sure we’ll spotlight some of Al’s ramblings from time to time.

And don’t miss Al’s scrutiny of – and strong recommendations to – new CCA bossman Greg Stremlaw in the first fall issue of TCN, which is coming very soon. In fact, why don’t you just mosey on over here and subscribe today?

Speaking of the Slam, Winnipeg’s Jennifer Jones won her second straight tournament with a 6-3 win over Calgary’s Shannon Kleibrink.

Other weekend winners were Kevin Koe in New Westminster, Michelle Englot and junior-aged Garrett Vey in Regina, Allan Lyburn and Barb Spencer in Winnipeg, J.M. Menard and M.F. Larouche in Ottawa (and a couple of lucky lucky-draw winners, we note), and the pride of Scotland, David Murdoch, over in Switzerland.

A sidelight to Basel’s Swiss Cup event was the A, B, C-ya later from Team Randy Ferbey: can anyone recall the last time they lost three consecutive games in one day, let alone outside of Canada?

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