Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shurek’s biggest Challenge

Tomorrow afternoon is the big game – Fenson vs Lindholm at the Korbel Elite Challenge at New York’s outdoor Rockefeller Plaza - and there are two bloggers onsite: JHcurl and also a secret blogger – oooohhh! – whose words appear below, right here on The Curling News Blog.

Tune in tomorrow as he posts directly from the event, whereupon we shall also reveal his identity.

Oh... and don’t forget Team Fenson’s appearance on tomorrow morning’s edition of NBC’s Today Show ...

This photo (above) shows the state of affairs at Rockefeller Centre on Wednesday night, at about 11:00pm. I’d say this is Mark Shurek’s biggest icemaking challenge to date – even tougher than trying to please Grand Slam players.

Yes, those are skaters. And there are skaters out there again today.

What you can’t see is the rain. A steady drizzle which sometimes escalates to a shower. It was also about 80ºF the night before.

You also can’t see four young women from Texas and Oklahoma inquiring about our efforts. They were fairly amazed that someone – Mark – would come all the way from Canada to make curling ice. I reminded them that Canada wasn’t actually all that far. Perhaps Texas folks don’t get out much (except for Dan and and mates – Ed).

The crew behind this affair decided to put up a row of tents on the ice. That’s where Shurek is prepping his very important sheet – under a very long catering tent.

Until tomorrow... fingers crossed...

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Brit & Grit said...


I followed your address from your comment on our blog, Conversations with Brit and Grit, and was delighted to see it deals with curling! Even though I'm a Southern Boy, I spent two years in Saskatoon during which time I picked up an appreciation for the sport, although the chances of seeing a good match here near Memphis are slim at best. I've added you to our blogroll, with no strings attached, since I use it as my reading list.

Nice to find you,
the Grit