Friday, December 07, 2007

Euro Party Zone

FÜSSEN – The folks here in Füssen did it right.

Their version of the Brier Patch, known as the Party Zone, is located directly between the two arenas where A and B-Division competition takes place for the 55 teams involved here.

That’s right: 55 teams.

Anyhoo, as the photo sort of shows, there is all kinds of hot lighting and reflective stuff going on, a big bar (plus a second smaller one), a dedicated dance floor with disco ball (top left corner) and... a full sheet of curling ice, which you cannot see but is basically to the left of this photo.

Say what?

Turns out this is the three-sheet Füssen Curling Club, and they’ve kept one sheet going, boarded over the other two, and changed the face of the place. Spectators can try the sport they are seeing just steps away, at either of the two competition arenas. Corporate groups and even sponsors have been throwing rocks in droves.

And of course, when the night grows and the music blares louder, all sorts of challenge matches flare up... Greece versus Germany... WCTV crew versus CurlTV crew... you get the picture.

Well done folks.

On the ice, Scotland is through to one final and their boys, skipped by David Murdoch, are almost there, currently up 5-3 on the Danes – with last rock in the ninth – largely on the strength of a steal of two in the seventh. You can check the scores here: the finals are tomorrow, live on Eurosport TV, and also also

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