Saturday, December 08, 2007


RAMA – They just did a little feature about Wayne Middaugh between ends.

Wayne has the most TSN Skins Game experience of anyone in the field. Anyway, in what appears to be a line he might regret, Skins rookie Brad Gushue said that he is looking forward to playing Wayne at this Skins game.

We overheard Craig Savill give a chuckle at Gushue’s line. He, of course, has something to say about who plays tomorrow.

We’re not sure if Kevin Martin heard Gushue’s comments, but his front end sure did. They’re sitting in the stands scouting the game. Why is it always the front end that has to sit in the cold and scout?

Anyway, you don’t see Wayne miss too many out-turn peels. Give him an out-turn center line ripper and he’ll make it nine times out of 10. Maybe 99 times out of 100. This, however, was one time he missed, giving Howard a steal of one in the fourth end. It was an end that Middaugh controlled from the get-go.

We think he’s still thinking about it.

There’s a chance that Wayne will come back and win this game. Ends six, seven and eight are where the money is. However, to win, Wayne is going to have to forget.

And that isn’t easy.

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