Thursday, December 13, 2007

Swedish stunner: Lindholm quits

This photo (by TCN’s Urs Räber) shows the last competitive curling stone ever thrown by Swedish curling legend Peja Lindholm.

In stunning news, Lindholm has anounced his immediate retirement from the sport. Frustrated by a sixth-place finish at the recent Le Gruyère European Championships in Füssen, the three-time world champion has hung up his brush.

Curling Today has the story here, and we note that Lindholm says he has also “lost his joy of competitive curling.”

The sport, in turn, has lost the joy of observing a passionate competitor, as quick with a quip or an emotional photo pose as he was skilled with slider underfoot.

Fans in North America can catch his last-ever TV appearance at the Korbel Elite Curling Challenge, which was taped in October and airs December 23 on NBC.

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