Saturday, December 13, 2008

iPhone Curling

Got iPhone?

Now you’ve got curling!

Age of Curling, to be precise, a new iPhone game available as of Friday – from Apple’s already legendary App Store – for a introductory (time-limited) price of USD 4.99.

The venues look pretty cool: choose between a 1920s-era factory building, a two-sheet club and a modern Olympic stadium (which is sure to get these guys all fired up re. use of the word “Olympic”). The stadium is in Athens, no less.

Play a quick game or a full match. Features include:

• Player vs Player
• 3 Venues
• Realtime 3D graphics
• “Realistic physics” (uh, sorry Blackish, we’ll let TCN readers decide on that one, okay?)
• Intuitive touch-controls
• In-Game Guide explaining rules and controls

They are already excited in Italy and in Japan.

We’re excited, too!

So check out iTunes in your country ... hurry hard ...


col000r said...

wow, you're fast! I was about to write to you about the game...

Maybe we'll change the text on iTunes to read "fairly realistic physics" for now :) - but we're working on making it a good bit more realistic, so watch out for an update in the near future!

We were intentionally vague with the Apollo Stadium, not using any logos or anything, but if the use of the word "olympic" is enough to cause a potential copyright infringement, we'll probably substitute it with something else, just to be sure - thank you very much for the hint!

We hope you all like the game! Don't hesitate to contact us directly with feedback of all sorts: support at blackish dot at

The ROG said...

Download The ROG - Curling's Ultimate Stopwatch! It is now available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Visit for details.