Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here’s a pic of Team Toth, the Austrian national women’s team.

And we now direct you to, and ask you to click on, their team website.

Much like our recent women’s calendar regurgitation, we are trying to boost hits for the Austrian girls in the hopes of burying their old team website URL, which still gets empty traffic hits at this time of year.

The ladies are lovely, even if one Toth sister (Claudia) is no longer on the team (sister Karina Toth now skips). And when websurfers seek them out – probably using the search terms “nude” and “calendar” along with “Toth” – they are directed to their old, conked-out website address.

The problem here is that they lost their old address, and it is now owned by some unscrupulous character.

That’s right... the girls were robbed!

“The old one does not work anymore,” said second Constanze “Stanzi” Hummelt.

“Someone else stole our address and won’t give it back to us. So we have a new one now, and we hope people can find us.”

What a scuzzball this someone else is! A pox on thee, vermin!

So with the power of The Curling News Blog and its faithful readers, please give a click or three to the ladies...

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