Friday, December 12, 2008

Nude athlete calendar shocker

CLICK HERE to read about the 2009 Women of Curling calendar!

CLICK HERE to buy it and support the athlete/models!

And now, allow us a moment to explain.

This is a post aimed at updating the internet search attempts of the many people who are clicking on this archived posting from 2005.

You see, many, many folks from outside our curling world are apparently searching for ways to get their hands on a fundraising calendar featuring gorgeous female athletes. And curling athletes should be included, say we.

So, for TCN Blog fans who’ve read about this before and we apologize for posting it again. But you would not believe the amount of people out there who are clicking on that ancient link, reading about a calendar that is well out of print and which has since been replaced by two more editions.

It was a shocker back then, and it may not be so shocking these days, but we’ll see if the this post can climb higher in the Google rankings than the old one.

And we thank you for clicking, too!

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