Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nine lives for Jones?

Blogreaders may recall that we do like the earliest version of the U.S. rock band Aerosmith, although we truly despise one song of theirs... particularly after it has been played non-stop for a week.

After staring, mouths agape, at yet another miraculous escape for Team Canada’s Jennifer Jones yesterday – at the expense of the unfortunate spud Islanders – we reveal our curling interpretation of the VIP access pass to the 1997-98 Aerosmith “Nine Lives” Tour, above.

Following their successful 2007-08 tour, Team Canada’s 2008-09 tour of intimidating the opposition is once again in full gear, and the question remains: can anyone stop this team?

If they’re playing well, the answer is clear – no.

If they’re struggling, the answer still seems to be – no.

Will Saskatchewan – another team that wears green – be able to derail the train today?

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