Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yet another Howard

We’ve been waiting for this.

Ashley Howard, daughter of Russ Howard, is skipping for New Brunswick at the 2009 Canadian Juniors in Salmon Arm, B.C.

And man oh man, is she a chip off the old block.

The same rock-solid slide, the same dead-eye stare at the stick.

Of course, these pics – from TCN’s Anil Mungal and CCA’s Glenn Van Gulik, respectively – don’t show Ashley’s capability to bellow like a Wounded Moose, which is another infamous aspect of her dad’s curling legacy (click to zoom in slightly).

Well, guess what... we do have some comparative pics of her yelling for the sweep, but... you’ll just have to wait a bit longer for those. Sorry.

At time of posting, Ashley was in a six-way tie for the fourth and final playoff spot at 4-4, and this time under the concerned gaze of her father, who will be commentating for TSN during the weekend finals.

Here’s a story about the young Howard’s provincial win, and her dad’s thoughts.

Here’s another story on the national shootout, including Russ Howard’s thoughts on the spectacular venue.

What else, eh?

• There’s still more Ontario Tankard content online: this here website features a bunch of stuff... a blog from the TV commentators, links, video highlights and also a video player, where fans outside the Rogers sphere of influence can tune in to the action ...

• Let’s talk ethics. Al Cameron has an interesting blogpost on some team talk regarding a technique being taught by a former Canadian and world junior men’s champion that could, conceivably, slow a rock down. Cheating or not cheating?

• More ethics: at the abovementioned Canadian Juniors, the on-ice officials allegedly prevented the Ontario junior men’s team from attempting an eight-ender in a match against the Yukon. Ethical or unethical?

• Guess what: the 2009 Sask Scotties really was an amazing show, and this bodes very well for the 2010 Ford World Women coming to town next year ...

• Right you are, guys... let’s hear it for the lowly lead! Heyyo!

• Remember Zach the LifeGetter? Looks like another Zach – this one from Californ-aye-yay – has the wrong idea ...

• And finally, some no-good dimwit bozo jackarse went and robbed Saskatchewan’s Eugene Hritzuk yesterday... and what was taken? His “smelly and old and personal” curling gear, that’s what.

Let’s just say that if we were robbed of our own shoes – original 1988 demo-model Dacks – we’d be very unhappy campers... er, curlers ...

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